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Prime Minister Thaçi: We will establish sustainable and decent institutions, democratic, with credible people

27.11.2014 - At the beginning of the meeting, Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi informed the Cabinet regarding the new coalition government and preparations for the creation of new institutions.
Following is the full speech of Prime Minister Thaçi:
By respecting the majority of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, expressed on eighth of June , while respecting the opinions of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, last week, the new coalition was built for the new institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, the coalition with commitment to the development and integration. more

Prime Minister Thaçi: KSF has made its job of which everyone of us feels proud

26.11.2014 - One of the priorities of institutions that will soon become functional is the commitment to pass all legal and judicial procedures that KSF to be transformed as quickly as possible into Kosovo Armed Forces. And the reason for such a transformation occurs due to great achievements and daily work of officers, sub-officers, together with top management structures of the KSF. We are proud that the KSF, as prestigious and professional institution, today operates at full capacity, ready and able to fulfil its mission to whatever is required by it- said Prime Minister Thaçi who participated in the ceremony of marking the Day of Kosovo Security force, which was held at the barracks "Adem Jashari" in Pristina more

Prime Minister: By respecting the heroic fight of the KLA and the spilled blood for freedom, we always have a safe future

26.11.2014 - By respecting our past, here in Prekaz, we receive new energy to consolidate and strengthen our state, to integrate Kosovo as soon as possible in...


Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo expresses his and government condolences to family Lluka, upon death of the activist Riza Lluka

25.11.2014 - The telegram of condolence stated:
Honourable family Lluka,
With deep sorrow we learned the news about the loss of the activist and...


Prime Minister Thaçi: Water Processing Plant in Shkabaj is one of the most important investments in Kosovo - part of government efforts to rebuild, expand and modernize the infrastructure of our country

21.11.2014 - Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi participated in inauguration of the third phase foundation stone, on construction of water processing...