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The Cadre Fund Scheme

The Cadre Fund Scheme was established based on a decision of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo to attract, maintain, and develop the experience, qualifications and skills in strategic and priority positions of relevant government bodies. The Scheme will enable competitive payments relative to the private sector and international organizations acting in Kosovo for a certain number of positions in the civil service, which are a priority and of strategic importance to the government. The Cadre Fund intends to support existing positions in the Kosovo Civil Service, which are financed by the state budget, as part of the current authorized civil service staff of ministries, while at the same time, it aims to bring new qualified and experienced candidates into the Kosovo Civil Service. 

The priority areas of the Government of Kosovo, for which the support of the Cadre Fund may be required by the ministries, are as follows: 

  • The development of policies in the key areas identified by the Government’s priorities;
  • Adhering to requirements associated with Kosovo’s relations with international organizations, in particular with international financial organizations;
  • European integration and meeting international standards in relevant areas.

In order to be included in the Cadre Fund Scheme, candidates must possess:

  • High academic qualifications and advanced professional skills;
  • Strong work experience in key areas identified by the Government’s priorities;
  • Skills, expertise and experience commonly in demand by the job market of the private sector and international organizations.

The Cadre Fund Scheme will be implemented according to the Regulation on the Operation of the Cadre Fund, which was approved by the Cadre Fund Committee. The Cadre Fund Committee is an inter-ministerial committee, chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister. This committee will supervise the implementation of the Cadre Fund Scheme. 

The Regulation on the Operation of the Cadre Fund defines: 

  • The criteria for the classification of Cadre Fund positions;
  • The criteria and procedures for the selection of candidates, including regulations on payment;
  • The performance evaluation system, which will be used to define the work objectives and standards for the Cadre Fund positions and for evaluating the performance of individual Cadre Fund staff members, with regards to those objectives and standards.

The regulation also determines the organizational structure of the Cadre Fund, which includes:

  • The Cadre Fund Committee, which will supervise the scheme and ensure that the Cadre Fund scheme contributes to fulfilling the government priorities;
  • The Cadre Fund Unit, within the Office of Prime Minister, which will manage the Cadre Fund Scheme. The unit will be led by a manager and supported by the Office of Prime Minister;
  • One or more Central Review Panels, which will evaluate whether the candidates meet the Cadre Fund criteria.

For any further information regarding Cadre Fund Scheme, please do not hesitate to contact the Cadre Fund Unit within the Prime Minister’s Office. 

Contact Information: 
The Cadre Fund Unit
The Office of Prime Minister, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo;
Tel: +381 (0) 38 201 14 934; Email: [email protected];
Address: The Government Building, fourth floor, office No. 400;
Rruga Nëna Terezë p.n., 10 000 Prishtinë, Kosovë