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Strategic documents

All strategic documents published on the web site are approved by the Government.
Criteria and methodology of drafting strategic documents are defined in the Administrative Instruction 02/2012 on the procedures, criteria and method of preparation and adoption of strategic documents and plans for their implementation

Manual for Preparation of Sectoral Strategies serves as a tool to assist in drafting of sectoral strategic documents.

Office of Strategic Planning ensures that strategic and planning documents developed by the Government to be in accordance with the Government priorities including obligations arising from European integration process and other international obligations and ensures consistency between them.

Office of Strategic Planning according to Administrative Instruction 02/2012 review proposals for drafting strategic documents and prepares The Annual Plan of Strategic Document for 2018, which shall be approved by the Government of Kosovo as part of the Government Work Plan.

While, in the framework of building integrated planning system, on 06.03.2015 the Government of the Republic of Kosovo approved the Strategy for Improvement of Policy Planning and Coordination in Kosovo (Integrated Planning System) 2017-2021.

Following find the list of overall strategic documents and strategies divided by institutions: