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Minister Edita Tahiri asked the EU to intervene to stop destructive measures by Serbia

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Pristina, 11 January 2017

After the attack of last night with a bomb on object of the government offices in northern Mitrovica, inaugurated on 28 December 2016 by the Minister for Dialogue, Edita Tahiri, in accordance with the Brussels Agreement, Minister Tahiri addressed immediately last night a letter to EU to urge the EU to intervene to stop the destructive measures of Serbia towards Kosovo.

In the letter of Minister Tahiri states:
Tonight there was another bomb attack against the government building in northern Mitrovica, where former members of "civil protection" are employed as civil servants, in accordance with the Brussels Agreement on the dissolution of "Civil Protection", dated 26 March 2015 signed by all parties.
I regularly informed you, the EU, for a series of negative developments in recent weeks, which have meant provoking a destabilization of the situation in Kosovo and broader region.
In my opinion, it seems that Serbia is withdrawing from dialogue and is returning to the old mentality, because they are going against their own agreements it has signed, even with bombs, walls, arbitrary arrests against citizens of Kosovo, etc.
It is that we are prepared to move further in the implementation of the agreement on  Justice, I wonder what means will be used against it?
I ask the EU to seriously look at this situation and interfere with the Serbian side to stay in line with the spirit of dialogue to normalize relations, otherwise, the consequences will be unpredictable.
Finally, even the Serbian political discourse has escalated from the highest level, while Milorad Dodik has become a spokesman for border change scenarios.
Given the EU's commitment not only to stabilize the results reached in the dialogue, but also to advance them further for the sake of peace and _ neighbourly relations between the Western Balkan countries, I believe that you're working on improvements.
I'm waiting for an answer from you as soon as possible.
After sending this letter to the EU immediately last night after the bomb attack on the offices of the government in the north, Minister Edita Tahiri, said that the response of the EU was immediate and in which they stressed that the EU is seriously focused on this issue and that negative developments must stop.

11.01.2017 14:35