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The Kosovo Government held its regular meeting

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Pristina, 15 May 2017

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, led by Prime Minister Isa Mustafa, held a regular 145th meeting in which it adopted decisions in the area of constitutional and legal responsibilities.

At today's meeting, the government approved the Central Election Commission's request regarding the allocation of funds for the organization of early elections, worth 4,944,900 euros, which are needed to organize the elections on June 11th.

The approval of the cabinet also received a concept document for access to public documents, which aims to provide sufficient information on the problems encountered in this area and the way in which this area will be regulated. Access to public documents is also included in full compliance with government policies.

In this concept paper is proposed the amendment of two other laws: the Law on Access to Public Documents and the Law on Protection of Personal Data. "I am convinced that the full drafting of these two draft laws will take into account the opinions recommended by the expert group, which will enable full transparency and access to public documents for our citizens," said Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuçi .

At today's meeting, the Regulation on Internal Organization and Systematization of Workplaces in the Agency for Gender Equality was approved.

This Agency functions within the Office of the Prime Minister and aims to better systematize this Agency in order to clearly define the mission, purpose and responsibilities, as well as the organizational structure of the Agency for Gender Equality.

The decision to amend and supplement the Government's decision no.10 / 104 of 10.08.2016 on the appointment of the Crime Victim Compensation Commission was approved by the cabinet.
The cabinet also approved the concept document for the Organization of Public Administration of the Republic of Kosovo, which sets options for solving problems that have been identified in terms of organization of Public Administration, enabling the Government in this case to decide on the best solution disclosed in the part of the recommendations of this concept paper.
The concept paper proposes solutions in four main segments:
1)    Establishing rules for the establishment of independent agencies under Article 142 of the Constitution, the accountability framework for independent constitutional institutions and independent agencies and minimum rules for the internal organization of these institutions, which enable the implementation of the civil service law and of wages;
2)    Rules on state administration in terms of establishing basic principles, establishment of subordinate organs of the Office of the Prime Minister and ministries, internal organization, territorial organization, oversight and delegation;3) Rules on municipal administration that include internal organization, provision of direct public services to citizens and delegation;

3)    Transition Management Rule.
With the recommendations of this concept paper is meant to clarify and find the best solution for organizing public administration, such as: establishment, accountability, organization, standards and accountability.

The government cabinet's approval also received the concept paper for the Civil Service, which proposes solutions to clarify the scope of the civil service and establish minimum rules for other public sector employees, better rules for recruitment and recruitment involvement in group and centrally for the executive branch, rules for setting up a senior management body, improving and further clarifying career rules and job classification, managing human resources, evaluating the results at work, capacity building, suspension of labour relations, discipline and the way of complaints selection. Prime Minister Isa Mustafa said that both of these concept papers are related to the requirements of the European Union for the law package that is also related to the law on wages, while ministries may work on their preparation and after the constitution of the new Government to be processed.
In today's meeting, the request for allocation of funds to the Family Associations of the Missing Kosovo was approved. For the Krusha e Vogel Association, EUR 3,000 was allocated, for the "Mothers' Calls" Association in Gjakova, EUR 2,000 and for the "Rise of Voice" Association in Skenderaj, EUR 500.
The Government also decided to allocate funds in the amount of 90.499 Euros for the Election Complaints and Appeals Panel, for the conduct of the appeals process regarding the holding of early elections for the Kosovo Assembly.

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