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Minister Edita Tahiri met a delegation from the Republic of Estonia, chaired by Aino Leppik von Wiren, Undersecretary for European Affairs at the Foreign Ministry of Estonia

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Pristina, May 17, 2017

Minister for Dialogue Edita Tahiri met with a delegation from the Republic of Estonia, led by Aino Leppik von Wiren, Undersecretary for European Affairs at the Foreign Ministry of Estonia, accompanied by the Estonian Ambassador to Austria, Non Resident for Kosovo, Eve-Külli Kala, Airi Alakivi, EU Enlargement Desk Officer and Alice Lõhmus, Kosovo Desk Officer at the Estonian MFA.

Thanking for the support that Estonia has given to Kosovo, Minister Tahiri expressed the commitment of the Government of Kosovo to strengthen the relations and exchanges of experiences between Kosovo and Estonia and at the same time informed the Estonian delegation on recent developments in the country and commitments for Euro-Atlantic integration.

Regarding the latest developments in our country and the current political situation in Kosovo, Minister Tahiri emphasized that recent developments have to do with democratic processes and we are in the pre-election phase, while we look for fair, free and transparent elections.

At this meeting, Minister Tahiri sought the support of the state of Estonia, which will assume the rotating EU presidency by the end of 2017, to help advance Kosovo's European integration, adding that the Kosovo state received the Stabilization and Association Agreement and is working on meeting the SAA reforms. At the same time, she urged Estonia as the next leader to promote EU enlargement policies to Western Balkan countries as enlargement brings benefits both to the EU and to the countries that join. The minister also demanded that the five EU member states that have not yet recognized Kosovo should recognize its independence as soon as possible, as this will affect the strengthening of peace in the region and Europe and would contribute to stop the destructive interventions by states that were losers in the cold war. Further on, she stressed that the cooperation of the Western Balkan countries with the EU should be increased, given that our region is facing the ambitions shown by Russia to increase its influence.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wiren has expressed the will of her state to support Kosovo in the Euro-Atlantic integration processes, including visa liberalization and further rapprochement with the EU and membership in other organizations. Also, Mrs. Wiren stressed that Estonia as the next EU presidency will be committed to promoting EU enlargement policies to Western Balkan countries, as it sees its role in this part of the region important.

17.05.2017 11:44