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Prime Minister Haradinaj: Infrastructure projects will be completed on time

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Prishtina, 13 September 2017

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, has requested from contracting companies for construction of roads to perform the works within the specified time-limit, and not to have unjustified delays.
"We are at work and I believe that those who get to perform works, which are the work contractors, shall see that we do our job correctly and thus reflect. They must realize that their delays in carrying out the works would be bad news for us, for them, and for entire Kosovo. This will no longer be tolerated. The scenes that we have seen in the past will not be tolerated. If someone has taken responsibility for doing this work, they will either accomplish it on time, or shall be excluded from the opportunity to get public works in the future", said Prime Minister Haradinaj.
During his visit to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Prime Minister Haradinaj promised that all obligations of the Government will be fulfilled successfully and all works shall be concluded within the defined timeframe, on the motorway "Arbën Xhaferi" as well as on all other road axes at the country level.
"I was informed about the developments in the motorway "Arbën Xhaferi", and the current phase of the construction. We have an unfulfilled financial obligation for this year. We will find a solution together with the Ministry of Finance. At the same time, we would like to conclude that project within the specified deadline and thus avoid delays", said Prime Minister Haradinaj.
Also, Prime Minister Haradinaj said that in the meeting with the Minister Pal Lekaj he was also informed about other infrastructure projects, by citing the construction of the road to Peja, for which he said that there has been delays but will be treated with priority.
"The obligation undertaken from Kosovo with EBRD, but also the construction of this road should be done in a timely manner. They are currently at a slow and not so serious pace, and that is how it was until now. We have also reviewed the obligation of the Government and Ministry regarding the existing projects. There are some legal aspects that need to be addressed regarding the actions from the past, but they will be done with the utmost care, and by respecting the directions of developments or the axes that are of interest for the country", said the Prime Minister, by promising that priority will be given to the extension of the roads Klinë-Gjakova.
The Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Pal Lekaj, has informed the Prime Minister on the development and executive policies regarding the flow of the projects, by pledging to serve the citizens of Kosovo, as well as to build and strengthen the state of Kosovo. 

13.09.2017 23:20