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Prime Minister of Kosovo Haradinaj hosted today in a meeting the representatives of Albanian Associations of Croatia

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Prishtina, 12 October 2017

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, hosted today in a meeting representatives of six Albanian Associations of Croatia, Esad Çollaku, President of the Union of Albanians in the Republic of Croatia, Tom Kaqinari, President of Association of Voluntaries of Croatia, Gjergj Kolëgjeraj, Vice President of Albanian Association of Protectors, Beshir Ziberi, Chair of the Albanian Community of Karlovac, Pren Gjokaj, Vice-Chairman of the Albanian Community of Istra and Behar Mullajupi, President of Association “Shkëndija”.

Prime Minister Haradinaj stated that Albanians in Croatia, as a friend country, were and are ambassadors of Kosovo because they are known as the most patriotic warriors of the Homeland War for the independence of Croatia, who with their experience in that war, helped in the consolidation of KLA, where some of them even fell on the altar of Kosovo's freedom. Albanians in Croatia has a good reputation as honest businessmen, as well as citizens integrated in the institutional and social life of Croatia.

Representatives of various associations and organizations of the Albanian Community of Croatia, after congratulating Ramush Haradinaj for being elected as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, committed that they will continue to build friendship bridges between two people and states and that them will have an impact on the institutional and economic cooperation, as well as to lobby to the institutions of the state of Croatia to support Kosovo in its Euro-Atlantic path.


12.10.2017 18:04