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Prime Minister Haradinaj: We deserve to join as soon as possible in NATO

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Pristina, 14 November 2017

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj attended the international conference "NATO and the Western Balkans - Regional Dynamics in the Global Security Challenges", which was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo and Kosovo Center for Security Studies.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Haradinaj stressed Kosovo's role in creating regional security and mutual cooperation with all states separately.
Kosovo should not only be a consumer of security, but contribute to security and peace in the world, Prime Minister Haradinaj said.

Full speech by Prime Minister Haradinaj at the conference:

Dear participants,

Regional dynamics, at the time we live in, have a decisive impact on the national security of states separately, especially in the Balkans. Security requires a parameter and that is the respect, states must respect one another. If mutual respect is lacking, many other parameters lose their importance.

It is clear that no country is self-sufficient for national security. None of us is enough to secure ourselves, so we need broader inter-state cooperation, and we as Kosovo are ready and we want mutual co-operation.
Challenges and security threats now exceed the boundaries of states,  of our state as well. The challenges we face are global terrorism, Russia's intervention in the Balkans, mainly through information warfare, international organized crime, cybercrime, social and economic risks and the dangers of regional stability.

That is why we need joint initiatives to address these challenges and threats, respecting the sovereignty of each country reciprocally. Respect in the Balkans is needed.

It is clear that the ultimate responsibility for the national security of our citizens is the responsibility of each country.
For this, Kosovo, as a state, has established its own path. We are not neutral in terms of military and foreign policy.

We want and deserve to join as soon as possible in NATO. So we are with NATO.

We want NATO to stay in Kosovo. We are right and we are making every effort to establish the Armed Forces of Kosovo. We intend, within this decade, to reach the stage of the dialogue by 2020, thus concluding NATO membership.
We want Kosovo to be included in the Partnership for Peace program on the basis of specialized military fields and to be invited to join the Membership Action Plan, NATO and Western Balkans stability projection.

We see NATO as a special and decisive factor of regional stability. We also see NATO as very important in preventing violent extremism and radicalism.
We see NATO as an opportunity to prevent and confront the war of misinformation.

We think of NATO as an aid to Kosovo so that Kosovo can stop absorbing security and can offer and help the security and peace in the world.

The establishment of the Armed Forces of Kosovo we are convinced that helps this process and at the same time ensures all citizens living in Kosovo.

Thank you!

14.11.2017 12:18