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Deputy Prime Minister Limaj requests from shopping malls to open doors for local products

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Pristina, 6 December 2017

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Fatmir Limaj, hosted in the meeting the representatives of the shopping centers in Kosovo. During the meeting Deputy Prime Minister Limaj said that the Government of Kosovo is determined to protect domestic products, requiring them to provide the right space.

Appreciating the importance of shopping malls, Deputy Prime Minister Limaj said they are major contributors to the budget by creating jobs. "The government will eliminate the obstacles they face, provided they function according to the rules and laws adopted in Kosovo," Deputy Prime Minister Limaj said.

Further, Deputy Prime Minister Limaj said that the Government of Kosovo is focused on supporting domestic production. "Our and your interest is to regulate the internal market. As the Government of Kosovo we are determined to stimulate local producers. We ask you to give space and opportunity to local products. Let us do it in Kosovo, as other countries promote and support local products, "said Deputy Prime Minister Limaj, requesting them to have the same rule for the premises where the local products would be located.

Deputy Prime Minister Limaj has proposed to have professional co-operation between shopping centers and local businesses, where the interests of everyone would be respected, and asked them not to demand rent for local products.

Meanwhile, business representatives have expressed their readiness to promote local products, urging the Government to help remove some of the barriers they face, such as the destruction of goods, the physical security of facilities and electricity payments .

06.12.2017 14:54