Government backs Agricultural Cooperative “Krusha” and proclaims “Citizen with special merit” Rifat Jashari

60th Government Meeting

Pristina, August 7, 2018

The government cabinet was informed about the implementation of the Legislative Program for 2018. The Legislative Program for 2018 was approved at the 20 th meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, and it has met the amendments with eight different decisions of the Cabinet. In this period of the mandate of this Government has proved a dynamic of work with 675 approved decisions, with 81 draft laws, 33 by-laws, 24 concept papers, 8 strategies and 97 by-laws of ministries.

An Administrative Instruction on the Compensation Scheme Concerning the Implementation of Resolutions of the Housing and Property Claims Commission is approved. The Instruction deals with the procedures and criteria for implementing one hundred and forty-three decisions of the Housing and Property Claims Commission for the former Housing and Property Directorate regarding the restitution of lost property rights as a result of discrimination and compensation of claimants.

With the decision adopted at today’s meeting, the National Team for the Smart Specialization Platform was established. The team will be responsible for steering and coordinating the process of the smart specialization platform, including the preparation of the necessary analysis and policy documents required by this platform. The team consists of:
o Office for Strategic Planning / OPM
o Ministry of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
o Ministry of European Integration
o Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
o Ministry of Trade and Industry
o Ministry of Economic Development

With the decision approved by the Government of Kosovo in today’s meeting, Rifat Jashari, is recognized the status of citizen with special merits for the consolidation of the state of Kosovo. According to the decision, Rifat Jashari will enjoy all the benefits regulated by this decision.

An amendment to the Government’s decision of April 29, 2008, with which the compensation and institutional treatment for Adem Demaqi has been regulated, has been completed. By amending and supplementing the decision, the benefits that the spouse will enjoy after the death of Adem Demaq will be regulated.

The government has allocated 20 thousand euros for the international festival of short documentary and film DOKUFEST and 23,920 euros for the Agricultural Cooperative “Krusha”. This cooperative is the heir of the “Grat e veja” association, which consisted of women house holders of Krushe / Rahovec municipality. The cooperative deals with the cultivation of vegetables and their processing.

The government cabinet has approved the request of the State Commission for marking the 550th Anniversary of the death of Gjergj Kastrioti, proclaimed as the Scanderbeg International Year for the establishment of the Statue Composition of the three leaders of the Albanian League of Prizren in the yard of the League House.

The Government has approved the decision for exemption from the scope of the Law on Public Procurement in the Republic of Kosovo for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the process of providing a high security communication system.

At today’s meeting, the Draft Law on the ratification of the Amending and Supplementing the Financial Agreement for IPA 2015 between Kosovo and the European Union was approved.

The Government has also approved the request of the Municipality of Prizren for the use of immovable property, owned by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, for the needs and public interest.

The government cabinet has approved the proposal of the Ministry of Local Government Administration for the request of the Municipality of Podujeva to withdraw from the privatization process and restitution of the property of the former Socially Owned Enterprise agricultural cooperative “Progress”, which is currently under the administration of the Kosovo Agency of Privatization, for the purpose of realizing the public interest in the Municipality of Podujevë.

For the purpose of realizing projects of interest, the decision to withdraw from the process of privatization of properties in the Municipality of Ferizaj was approved, whereas for the Municipality of Rahovec was approved the decision for granting for use of immovable property managed by the Kosovo Forest Agency in the area cadastral municipality of Rahovec.

The government cabinet has recommended that municipalities preliminarily analyze and justify their property claims, because these requirements may create additional costs for their budgets in the future.

The Government of Kosovo has approved the decisions for further review of the requests for expropriation for the public interest of immovable property affected by the construction of the regional road in the Osojan-Rakosh segment; of properties affected by the construction of the “Demir Ahmeti Tower” with the aim of transforming it into a museum house; and the properties affected by the construction “Gjakova Roundabout” extension of the road Gjakova – Prizren.

After the review, the Government approved the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Strategy for Modernization of Public Administration 2018-2020. The plan focuses on achieving results in the field of:

– Civil Service (Human Resource Management);
– Public administrative services and administrative procedures; and
– Accountability and organization of state administration.

In today’s meeting, the government cabinet was informed of the implementation of the National Program for the Implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement during January-June 2018. The program for this year has 532 measures, out of which 144 are legislative measures and 388 are implementing measures. The overall implementation rate of the Program is 24.33 percent.

Regional Development Minister Rasim Demiri has briefed the government cabinet on the demands of the Bosniak community in the north, demanding to be part of the dialogue process for the final agreement in Brussels. The prime minister has expressed the view that Kosovo institutions are open to dialogue with all actors that are able to contribute to the conclusion of the dialogue in Brussels.