Government of Kosovo imposes protective measures for products imported from Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, decision approved to ban coal use for heating of public facilities

74th Government Meeting

Pristina, 6 November 2018

The Government has approved the decision to impose a protective measure on the import of all products produced in the Republic of Serbia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Protective measures means a tax of ten percent of all products imported into Kosovo and have the country of origin Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. An exception to this measure will be the products of international brands produced in these two countries.

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo has approved the Draft Law on Adherence of Kosovo to the Regional School of Public Administration – ReSPA. The purpose of the Draft Law is Kosovo’s adherence to this school that will advance the status of the Republic of Kosovo in the international arena with its presence in many national forums.

ReSPA is an organization with representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania. ReSPA’s objective is to improve co-operation in the area of public administration, empowering the exchange of experiences with the member states of the European Union, strengthening administrative capacities and developing resources in public administration.

At today’s meeting, the government cabinet has approved the decision to collect funds from unallocated funds in the Kosovo Budget from the Kosovo Pension Savings Trust according to the situation of the end of 2018. The state of these funds is expected to be over 1.2 million euros.

It was also approved the decision to approve the Ministry of Finance’s request for savings, appropriations and budget transfers between spending categories of budget organizations for 2018.

A preliminary decision on expropriation for the public interest of immovable property has been approved, according to the request of the Municipality of Gjakova, which is affected by the construction of “Gjakova Circular”.

The government’s approval has also taken the decision to ban the use of coal for heating public buildings. The decision is based on the experiences of the past years during the winter season with a high degree of air pollution, which is also due to the emission of air gases from the means of transport, the use of heating fuels and the concentration of high-level air pollutants. In order to reduce pollution and protect the environment, the Government aims to reduce the level of pollution by avoiding the use of coal for heating public buildings.

The Government approved the proposals of the Ministry of Local Government Administration to approve the requests of the municipalities of Mitrovica North, Ranilug and Klokot for withdrawal from the privatization process and the return of ownership of the municipality of buildings and real estate for the purpose of realization of projects of public interest.

With the decision approved today at the Government meeting, Gentiana Islamaj has been appointed General Director of the General Directorate of Kosovo Accreditation within the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

In today’s meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj requested regulating permanent status for employees at presidential residence Ibrahim Rugova.
Also upon the proposal of the Prime Minister it was approved the amending and supplementing of the Regulation on the areas of administrative responsibility of the Office of the Prime Minister and the ministries, which will enable the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs to have three more political advisers in his cabinet.