Prime Minister Haradinaj: From Kosovo to EU will travel honest citizens, students, entrepreneurs


Pristina, 8 October 2018

Under the chair of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, was held the meeting of the High Level of Rule of Law and Order, in which were presented recent achievements by the relevant institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.

At this meeting was discussed about targeted cases, dealing with the fight against organized crime, corruption and illegal migration.

Prime Minister Haradinaj stressed that this phenomenon has decreased, praising the commitment of all Kosovo institutions for stopping the phenomenon of illegal migration of Kosovo citizens in the EU countries.

Prime Minister Haradinaj said that targeted cases and illegal migration, are two important topics for the country, especially now when Kosovo is in the final phase, in the final decision on visa liberalization, therefore the issue of migration is main issue where the European Union wants to make sure that there will not be migration from Kosovo to the EU states.

“We have done a good job in stopping the potential flow. The numbers of asylum seekers have dropped drastically. From 2015 until now we have decreased asylum seekers by over 95% , from 67 thousand in 2015 we have decreased to 2800 in 2018. But we have to work harder, our citizens need to know that their future is in Kosovo , with Kosovo in the EU. Kosovo will not export criminality and uncertainty in the EU, but honest citizens, tourists, students, entrepreneurs, and people who will travel to the EU for work needs, “said Prime Minister Haradinaj.

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Bejtush Gashi, the data shows that the decline in the number of asylum seekers from Kosovo to EU member states, come as a result of efficient border control , tracking contraband and trafficking with human beings and regional cooperation.

Achievements were also noted in the reintegration of repatriated persons policies in Kosovo. Kosovo has a reintegration strategy for repatriated persons and since 2015 have benefited more than 15 thousand people from reintegration schemes.

At this meeting, it was also discussed about targeted cases, which are said to have been marked results but it is required to continue to have an added dynamic and to mark positive results in solving the collected and targeted cases.

Institutional representatives expressed readiness and their commitment that targeted cases have priority and be resolved within the foreseen deadlines.

Institutional achievements at this meeting were also presented by Chief State Prosecutor Aleksander Lumezi, Minister of Justice, Abelard Tahiri, Minister of Internal Affairs, Bejtush Gashi and other institutional representatives.

Kosovo institutions received the support and encouragement to continue their work also from Charge d’Affaires at the United States Mission in the Republic of Kosovo, Colleen Hyland, EU Mission Chief Nataliya Apostolova and EULEX Chief Alexandra Papadopoulos , while part of the meeting was the Head of the USAID Mission Director Lisa Magno.