Prime Minister Haradinaj: Our priority , advancement towards the European Union


Pristina, 8 November 2018

“If Kosovo holds back in reforms to the EU, then our social development has stalled “,said Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj at the regular meeting of the Ministerial Council for European Integration. Prime Minister Haradinaj said that today they are meeting to discuss the implementation of the ERA agenda, because they are at the end of the time period of ERA 1 and the resumption of ERA 2, which means a priority issued for implementation in a period of time before them.

Prime Minister Haradinaj said that in the end of this year, in Kosovo is expected to stay Commissioner Hahn, which would be a good opportunity to continue further with taken obligations Kosovo-BE.

“Despite the fact that has existed a focus on the European reform agenda, again we can still conclude that there have been some lags and delays in implementation, also related to the way of taking decisions or in the way of prioritizing these topics ” , said Prime Minister Haradinaj, adding that, however, there are circumstances when ERA 1 can be concluded and the initiation of other priorities.

Prime Minister Haradinaj stressed that regardless of the topics, with which may be preoccupied any institution or certain sectors, again , we should not forget that the basic topic or the foundation of who we are as a country is our own advancement towards the European Union.
“If Kosovo holds back in reforms to the EU, then our social development has stalled,” said Prime Minister Haradinaj ,adding that this indicator shows how much the citizens, society and our country is approaching the EU.

Meanwhile, the Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, said that with purpose to prioritize reforms, The Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the European Union have launched the European Reform Agenda, where ERA 1 foresees the implementation of 22 priorities from a number of institutions.

The Minister said that regarding the findings of the final report, it was done a good job, but we can do more , stating that although some measures that have been taken as a government, they have stalled in the Assembly due to lack of approval of legislative initiatives.

After the meeting, Prime Minister Haradinaj and Minister Hoxha, in a joint press conference, confirmed that from this meeting was approved in principle the ERA report 1 and the list of priorities of the ERA document 2.

Prime Minister Haradinaj said that they did a good work until here, but he expects even more engagement from all involved stakeholders.

“With the dynamics of the work of the Ministerial Council on the implementation of the ERA priorities ,we will send a good message that Kosovo is a serious candidate, potential for a near future for candidate status for EU membership, “said Prime Minister Haradinaj.