Prime Minister Haradinaj: Our Road, is the Way of Freedom, the Way of Free European Peoples!


Gjakova, August 7, 2018

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, participated in
Memorial Academy in honor of martyrs Mark, Prend, Kolë and Memë Lleshi.

Initially, Prime Minister Haradinaj paid homage and placed wreaths at the lapidary dedicated to martyrs Mark, Prend, Kolë, and Memë Lleshi.
“The honor of this country is even earlier. We are in the country, the region that has given people capable at all times, “said Prime Minister Haradinaj, adding that this family also in the Second World War had martyrs, and in the last war, among the rare families who gave four martyrs.

Prime Minister Haradinaj, emphasizing the uniqueness of this family, said that they did not embrace the war but created it, made it.
“The Lleshi family testified that the war for the Albanians, the KLA was a struggle for all, our war. We have the honor to bow today with respect to the memorials of the martyrs Lleshi, “said Prime Minister Haradinaj, giving the message that Albanians we were, Albanians we are and Albanians we will remain.

“We were Albanians even when these ways have passed the full forces and cultures, some of which have left their marks, but the best mark in our lands is us,” said Prime Minister Haradinaj.

The Prime Minister said that thanks to the sacrifice of generations and thanks to the martyrs that we remember today, we as a people today are free and our way is the path of freedom, the path of free European peoples.

In this academy were present the Mayor of Rahovec, Smajl Latifi, Infrastructure Minister Pal Lekaj, and many comrades of martyrs who were commemorated today.

In a speech, attendees were addressed the deputy commander of Gjakova Ramadan Hoti, priest Albert Jakaj, Professor Emin Kabashi and the Lleshi family representative, Gegë Lleshi, who said that our history has damaged us much in terms of reward after the war, but the resistance of the KLA, the losses were great, but at the same time they were rewarded with our freedom.
He thanked Prime Minister Haradinaj for organizing this gathering, the Municipality of Gjakova for investments made in front of the martyrs’ statue, wishing to meet in the future in joy.