Statement of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo


Pristina, 13 September 2018

The Government of Kosovo welcomes the vote on the recommendation for visa removal in the European Parliament and considers that this is also an expression of gratitude for the Republic of Kosovo and its citizens for work and commitment to being part of European integration.

Voting the recommendation for visa liberalisation is proof of the work and commitment of the Government of Kosovo and other institutions of the Republic of Kosovo to fulfill all the criteria and obligations that have emerged from the Visa Liberalization Roadmap.

The Government of Kosovo expects the Council of Ministers of the EU, in the shortest time, to confirm the decision on visa liberalization for citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. As it has been committed to date, the Kosovo Government will be available to provide arguments and guarantees in the process of adopting the final decision on liberalization.

Kosovo is convinced on its way to being part of the integration into Euro-Atlantic structures and firmly expressing our unwavering determination to our European future.