The annual report of the work of the Government is approved, the decision for the reburial of the remains of the Hero Ilir Konushefci is approved


The 64th Government Meeting

Pristina, 11 September 2018

On the anniversary of the terrorist attack in New York and in honor of the victims who died from the assault at the World Trade Center in New York, the Government of Kosovo has approved the decision to place the Memorial Plaque in the courtyard of the Government Building. Prime Minister Haradinaj proposed to the Government Cabinet the adoption of the Draft-Decision for the establishment of this permanent memorial for remembrance to become traditional in honor of lost lives in the September 11th tragedy in the United States. This proposal received full approval.
The prime minister emphasized that the role the United States had in supporting the war for Kosovo’s freedom make us always solidar with the people and the United States of America.
The permanent memorial to be built will serve for homage and traditional remembrance of the innocent victims of this terrorist act.
With respect to this day, the Government of Kosovo has started today’s meeting with a minute of silence.

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo has reviewed and approved the one-year Work Report of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, September 2017 – September 2018. The Government of Kosovo during this period prioritized economic development, security and rule of law.
Within this year, 756 decisions have been issued, of which 130 are from the field of economy; 102 draft laws; 36 by-laws; 118 by-laws issued by ministries within their scope; as well as 30 concept papers.
Out of 102 draft laws, 29 of them have a direct impact on economic development; 18 are for international loans;
“I express my gratitude to everyone in the Government for engagement and at the same time I would like to invite you to be ambitious in the 2018 Annual Plan, to be clear, to be able to implement those policies that we draw, but also politics which stem from the decisions of the Parliament and the institutions of the country, “said Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj.

The decision to reburry the remains of Hero Ilir Konushefci from the Tirana cemetery at the Martyrs Cemetery in Prishtina was approved. Repatriation will be carried out in November this year, which corresponds to the flag holiday, in accordance with the will of the family. Ilir Konushevci was one of the prominent figures of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

At today’s meeting, the Government of Kosovo has proceeded its opinion on the Kosovo Assembly for the Draft Law on Protection of the KLA War Values and the Draft Law on Public Broadcasting.

The Kosovo Government has proposed Osman Vishaj to the Kosovo Assembly, candidate for chairman of the Board of the Public Procurement Regulatory Commission.

With the decision approved in today’s meeting, funds have been allocated in the amount of € 255,613 (two hundred and fifty-five thousand six hundred and thirteen euros) for repaying remaining debts from the manifestations for marking the 10th Anniversary of Independence of Kosovo.
Also, the government cabinet has decided, after necessary consultations with the Ministry of Finance about budget opportunities, to allocate financial means to remedy the damage caused by the floods in the Municipality of Mamusha.

In order to ensure harmonization with the Law on Minor Offence, which entered into force from the beginning of this year, amendments and supplements to these draft laws were approved:
• Draft Law on Amending and Supplementing the Law on Sports,
• Draft Law on Amending and Supplementing the Law on Prevention and Sanctioning of Violence and Negative Events in Sporting Events
• Draft law on supplementing and amending the Law on sponsorship in the field of culture, youth and sport,
• Draft Law on Supplementing and Amending the Law on Copyright and Related Rights,
• Draft Law on Supplementing and Amending the Law on Cultural Heritage,
• Draft Law on Amending and Supplementing the Law on Libraries and
• Draft Law on Amending and Supplementing the Law on Cinematography.
The Cabinet has approved in today’s meeting the Regulation on Recruitment Procedures of Correctional Officers in the Kosovo Correctional Service prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the Ombudsperson Institution.

The Regulation on Internal Organization and Systematization of Jobs in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, which regulates the internal organization of this ministry, has received the approval of the Cabinet.
The government cabinet, with its decision today, has established the Steering Council of the National Qualifications Authority in this composition:
1. Arian Zeka, American Chamber of Commerce
2. Kushtrim Shkodra, Ministry of Health
3. Vjollca Xhafa, Employment Support Agency of Kosovo
4. Besim Mustafa, Kosovo Chamber of Commerce
5. Bekim Hasani, Social-Educational Center “Don Bosko”
6. Fisnik Lakna, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
7. Menderes Ibra, Ministry of Finance
8. Agron Bajraktari, University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj
9. Hysen Bytyqi, University of Prishtina
10. Enver Hajrullahu, Ministry of Trade and Industry
11. Mehreme Llumnica, Handikos
12. Violeta Demaj, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
13. Hysen Balaj, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
With the decision approved today by the cabinet, Kushtrim Cukaj has been appointed secretary general of the Ministry of European Integration.
The concept paper on prevention and combating cybercrime, which was also the goal of the Government’s program and strategic priorities, has been approved at today’s meeting. Also, the Concept Paper on changing fiscal and agricultural policies for tobacco and cigarette production in Kosovo was approved at today’s cabinet meeting.

After the review, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo has approved the Annual Report 2017 on the state of the environment in Kosovo. This report will be processed in the Assembly of Kosovo, as regulated by the Law on Environmental Protection. The report contains data on environmental changes from the past report, environmental impacts on public health, the situation of endangered environments, the implementation of the environmental strategy, environmental protection measures, the development of environmental institutions and the financing of the environmental protection system. The main purpose of the report is to inform about the environmental situation in Kosovo and the data of this report enable the development of appropriate environmental and development policies in sectors that have an impact on the environment such as economy, energy, transport, agriculture.

The Government Cabinet was informed by the Ministry of Local Government Administration for overseeing the activity of Municipal Assemblies in the Republic of Kosovo for the period January to June 2018. In this period municipal assemblies have approved a total of 1229 acts that have been reviewed and evaluated by the MLGA and the line Ministries , for their harmonization with the legislation in force. 46 acts have been returned for reconsideration and have been reviewed in line with ministry recommendations 35 of them, while 16 have not yet been harmonized in accordance with the requirements of the ministry, was ascertained in the information presented by the Ministry of Local Government Administration.