65th Meeting of the Government

Prishtina, 18 February 2021

The Government of Kosovo, led by Acting Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti, held its 65th meeting where it approved strategies and other documents within its constitutional and legal responsibilities.

The Kosovo Security Strategy was the first document approved by the Government in today’s meeting. This document defines the strategic directions of our country’s internal and external security policy, which will ensure proper defense and strategic security partnership with our allies. The document is in the spirit of promoting freedoms and human rights and ensures the protection of Kosovo’s interests and cooperation with strategic partners.

The Annual Platform for Intelligence and Security Policy for 2021 was also approved by the Government in today’s meeting. The document is based on the Law on the Kosovo Intelligence Agency and it has been submitted for information to the Committee for the Oversight of Kosovo Intelligence Agency in the Assembly of Kosovo.

Furthermore, the Government established the Organizing Commission for marking the “KLA Epopee”, with the following composition:

1. Mr. Anton Çuni, Minister of Defense, Chairman;

2. Mr. Bekim Jashari, Mayor of Skenderaj, member;

3. Ms. Vlora Dumoshi, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, member;

4. Ms. Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, member; and

5. Agim Veliu, Minister of Internal Affairs, member.

6. Office of the President;

7. Assembly of Kosovo;

8. Municipality of Prishtina;

9. Organizations deriving from the KLA War;

10. Association of Kosovo Municipalities; and

11. Civil society organizations.

The Government Cabinet approved the initiative for the reaching of the agreement between the Republic of Kosovo and the State of Kuwait on the status of members of the Kosovo Security Force during their temporary stay in the state of Kuwait. The Republic of Kosovo has 15 such agreements so far and the decision to sign an agreement with the state of Kuwait was taken in the same spirit.

The Government also approved the Concept Document on Military Police. Based on the analysis provided, this document paves the way for the legal regulation of the Military Police within the Kosovo Security Force, which will be an added value for this institution.

In addition, the Government of Kosovo approved the Security Protection Strategy, which defines the conceptual and organizational regulation of defense in the Republic of Kosovo. The strategy reaffirms Kosovo’s goal of NATO membership and cooperation with regional and international security actors.

The Government has also approved the National Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo on Integrated Border Management 2020-2025 and the Action Plan on Integrated Border Management 2020-2023. This document is a legal obligation and aims to manage the security, protection and control of the country’s state border of the country.

In today’s meeting, the Government further adopted a decision on the allocation of funds for the additional payment of salaries to various institutions and sectors that have had increased commitment in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, as follows:

1. Additional financial resources in the amount of EUR 3,000,000 (three million Euros) to the education sector for the payment of the first salary supplement to teachers and technical/administrative staff in the pre-university education system;

2. Additional financial resources in the amount of EUR 700,000 (seven hundred thousand Euros) to the security sector, namely police officers;

3. Additional financial resources in the amount of EUR 180,000 (one hundred and eighty thousand Euros) to the emergency sector, namely firefighters;

4. Additional financial resources in the amount of EUR 78,000 (seventy eight thousand Euros) to the social sector for the payment of salary supplements to active social workers in the Centers for Social Work;

5. Additional financial sources to the health sector (at all levels), as follows:

a). Amount of EUR 100,000 (one hundred thousand Euros) for the payment of salary supplements to health professionals who perform health services in the public sector based on contractual agreements they have with budget organizations at the local level.

b). Amount of EUR 160,000 (one hundred and sixty thousand Euros) for the payment of salary supplements to private sector technical workers (cleaning and physical security) who perform contracted services for public health institutions for the months of February and March 2021;

Other categories of the public sector that are engaged in pandemic management and are exposed to the risk of infection by COVID-19, which are not part of this decision or preliminary decisions on such supplements, could be addressed by separate decisions, based on professional assessments of exposure risk level and budgetary opportunities, starting from March 2021 onwards.