Preventive measures with the aim at protecting against Corona Virus COVID-10 approved

7th Government Meeting

 Prishtina, 11 March 2020

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, led by the Prime Minister Albin Kurti, has held the seventh extraordinary meeting, during which meeting a decision has been made on preventive measures with the aim at protecting against Corona Virus COVID-19.

 Below are given preventive measures approved by the government cabinet:

  1. Termination of the educational process in public and private educational institutions at all levels until 27 March 2020. With the recommendation to relieve one parent from work (this measure does not apply to health and security sector workers);
  2. Temporary suspension of air and land travel lines from high and medium risk countries (until further decision).
  3. Mandatory examination of travelers by MFMC medical teams at all entrances and exits to and from Kosovo, with the support of the Kosovo Police, of all citizens coming from epidemic areas, to detect cases of COVID-19 and to take preventive measures.
  4. Mandatory self-quarantine for all citizens entering to the Republic of Kosovo from high and medium risk epidemic areas, in accordance with WHO instructions (punishable non-compliance with the Law for Prevention and Fighting against Infectious Diseases). In the event that certain persons are not able to self-quarantine, it is recommended that they be placed in joint quarantines designated by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.
  5. Public and non-public activities may be conducted in closed places/without the presence of the public, such as: sports events/gatherings, gatherings, concerts, conferences, round tables until further decision.
  6. Prohibition of activities of restaurants, nightclubs, gyms, swimming pools after 23:00 hrs.
  7. Prohibition of exporting medical equipment, materials and medicines by economic operators and manufacturers, except by Government Decision.
  8. All government institutions, as well as public enterprises and private companies, are obliged to undertake measures for protection and disinfection of all institutions according to instructions of the Ministry of Health, which are related to the reinforced hygienic measures.
  9. All public enterprises and private companies providing public transportation services to passengers are obliged to regularly disinfect the transportation vehicles.
  10. Prohibition of organized international transport (by bus, minibus and similar) towards high-risk countries and vice versa.
  11. Natural and legal persons who do not comply with/and violate these recommendations shall be punished in accordance with the legislation in force.