Prime Minister Hoti attended the inauguration of the statue of Hero Ahmet Krasniqi

 Vushtrri, 21 September 2020

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti, participated in the inauguration of the statue of the Hero Ahmet Krasniqi, as well as in the inauguration of the square, which will bear his name.

The following is the full text of Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti:

Beyond the usual symbolism of honoring a man like Ahmet Krasniqi, this act means his triumphant return to his homeland, to his people, who love and recognize him as the first commander of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kosovo, as an institutional initiator of the fight for freedom and independence of Kosovo.
Therefore, today, for all of us, for all those who want the best for Kosovo, this marks the spiritual rebirth of Colonel Ahmet Krasniqi, marks his final return among us, as he was in life, wise, visionary, excellent military professional, man of word and sacrifice.

Dear people of Vushtrri,
Ladies and gentlemen,

The night of September 21, 1998 was tragic for the Krasniqi family, for the freedom fighters of Kosovo and for the entire Albanian nation. The insidious assassination of Colonel Ahmet Krasniqi was a terrible blow to the efforts being made by the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo for the war for freedom to be led by proven patriots and professional soldiers.
It is precisely these two qualities, patriotism and military training, that were the focus of his opponents, the opponents of Kosovo’s freedom and independence.

Ahmet Krasniqi, molded with the highest feelings of patriotism, raised in the family of the patriot Aziz Zhilivoda, a close associate of the pious patriot Metush Krasniqi, was an active participant in the student demonstrations of ‘68. During the years of his military career he defended with dignity the cause of Kosovo’s freedom. The waves of that chaotic time, when the former federation was already disintegrating, took him to Croatia, where he joined the war of the Croatian people. Once the war is over there, he comes in contact with the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, which appointed him Minister of Defense and Commander of the General Staff of the Kosovo Armed Forces, a task which Ahmet Krasniqi honorably performed to the last breath.

Dear participants,

Allow me to end my speech by quoting the historic President of the Republic of Kosovo, dr. Ibrahim Rugova, who, on September 21, 2003, on the fifth anniversary of the fall of Colonel Ahmet Krasniqi, among other things, stated: “Colonel Ahmet Krasniqi worked with devotion and dedication in the formation and strengthening of the Kosovo Defense Forces, within legal the institutions of our country. With his military culture, Colonel Krasniqi worked to create an army with strong defense capabilities and discipline, what a country needed, therefore we express our respect for this. Colonel Krasniqi was a prudent man, a brave man and a hardened soldier. In life he was a wise man and filled his life with interests and passions for literature and art. ”

God bless Colonel Ahmet Krasniqi, his family!
God bless the Republic of Kosovo!