Prime Minister Kurti appoints Mr. Shkelzen Gashi, Political Advisor

Pristina, March 20, 2020

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, today appointed Mr. Shkelzen Gashi, Political Advisor.

Shkelzen Gashi was born in Pristina in 1981. He completed his political science degree at the University of Prishtina and his master’s degree in democracy and human rights in the joint program of the University of Bologna with that of Sarajevo.

He has published several books in Kosovo, including “Adem Demaçi – unauthorized biography”. He has also published many works and book chapters abroad, mainly on Albanian-Serbian relations, published by prestigious European publishing houses, such as Central European University Press, Routledge, Palgrave Macmilan and others.

He is married and has two children.