Prime Minister Kurti dismisses Minister Veliu

Pristina, March 18, 2020

Last night, after midnight, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Administration, Mr. Agim Veliu, for Klan Kosova television, stated against the position of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo on the declaration of a state of emergency. He also, in this statement, spread panic by saying that “the number of those affected is increasing by the hour.” Neither the Ministry of Health nor the National Institute of Public Health said the number of people infected with COVID-19 was increasing hour by hour. In these moments, when the entire public administration is making every effort to minimize the damage from the Korona virus, leaders of central institutions, including members of the government cabinet, must demonstrate maturity in both decisions and statements.

Through his statements made public, but not supported by his attitudes at internal meetings, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Administration, Mr. Veliu has demonstrated a significant lack of leadership and has undermined the work of the government, of which he is part of.

In these circumstances I am obliged to act, so I have decided to dismiss Mr. Veliu from the office of the Minister of Interior and Public Administration. I have informed the President of LDK, Mr. Isa Mustafa, for the decision I made and also asked him to provide the name of the new minister as soon as possible.  

Meanwhile, until the appointment of the new Minister, all decisions within the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Administration will be taken by the current Deputy Minister, Mr. Xhelal Sveçla.