Incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj: Kosovo is focused on advancing its partnership with the German state

Prishtina, 9 January 2020

“Kosovo and Germany have successfully deepened bilateral cooperation in the political and economic field, as a major strategic achievement for the country and the region”, said the incumbent Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, met Susanne Schuetz, Director for South-Eastern Europe, Turkey and European Association for Free Trade members in the German Foreign Ministry, with whom he discussed the overall developments in the country and the region, as well as cooperation between Kosovo and Germany.

Initially, the Incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj thanked Mrs. Schütz, for the continued support given to Kosovo in all periods, saying that Kosovo is thankful for a friend state such as Germany.

On this occasion, incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj informed Mrs. Schütz on the processes the Republic of Kosovo is going through, emphasizing the success of Kosovo in the last electoral process in the country and the expectations for continuing the new Government as soon as possible and taking responsibility for the important processes awaiting the country.

”Kosovo has succeeded in creating a strong ally and Germany’s support is essential to continue integrating the country into the big European family and to enable free movement for Kosovo’s citizens, the conditions for which fact the country already has fulfilled”, said the incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj.

Further, incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj said that Kosovo still needs Germany’s support in economic development, membership in international mechanisms and its Euro-Atlantic path.

“The Kosovar-German Innovation and Training Park in Prizren is one of the good examples of how cooperation between our two countries can be enhanced, therefore, Kosovo is ready and welcomes German investments”, said Prime Minister Haradinaj, assessing that Kosovo is focused on advancing the partnership with the German state, as has been worked hard on the implementation of economic projects such as ITP in Prizren and Sowi Kosova and similarly in the political aspect as well, thanking Germany for its consistent position in protecting the country’s territorial integrity.

Also, incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj expressed the readiness of the country’s institutions for the continuation of the dialogue, framed, which leads to a final agreement with mutual recognition in the existing borders and in good partnership with all countries of the region.

Whereas, Susanne Schütz, Director for South-Eastern Europe, Turkey and European Free Trade Association members at the German Foreign Ministry, thanked Incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj for the reception and expressed the readiness of the German state for supporting Kosovo in the future.