Incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj from Durres: Kosovo will spare no effort to help Albania

Durrës, 29 November 2019

The incumbent Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Enver Hoxhaj, ministers Rrustem Berisha, Abelard Tahiri and Pal Lekaj, travelled today to Albania to look closely at earthquake-affected areas and express the readiness of Kosovo’s institutions and people to stand by all citizens affected by this tragedy.

Incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj made his first stop at the KSF, Kosovo Police and Emergency teams from Kosovo, thanking them for their commitment and care in helping those affected by this natural disaster.

Incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj said he was honoured to be today in Durres, together with a part of the Government cabinet and accompanied by the President of the Republic of Albania, Ilir Meta, to give further support to all those involved in coping with the situation. “We sympathize with families, we sympathize for the victims and with all the difficulties facing Albania, our compatriots. We will continue to be together. It is important that all of us in Kosovo really sympathize with those affected by the earthquake”, said incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj, stressing that at the same time Kosovo has all the mechanisms at its disposal and that coordination is needed to take the right actions.

Moreover, incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj assured everyone that Kosovo will spare no effort in this regard, and told that there are a certain number of Albanian citizens staying in Kosovo, some in private families and hotels, and around 500 of them are already accommodated in the Kosovar-German Innovation and Training Park in Prizren.

The President of the Republic of Albania, Ilir Meta, once again thanked the state of Kosovo, its people, institutions, the Government of Kosovo, Prime Minister Haradinaj, Deputy Prime Minister Hoxhaj, ministers and all other representatives, in particular the Kosovo Security Force which, as he said, has shone with the immediate response since the first hours of coping with this tragedy and continue to do their best alongside their Forces and to assist the citizens who have suffered these dire consequences.

“This solidarity has made it easier for us to cope with the consequences of this pain. For this, Mr Prime Minister, you should be proud of the Kosovo Security Force and the Kosovo Police because I am sure that every NATO country would be proud of the best they have shown during these two/three days and nights continuously and tirelessly”, said President Meta who also showed his gratitude to Prime Minister Haradinaj and the Government for the allocation of 500 thousand Euros to Albania.

Incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj then visited some of the areas most affected by the earthquake, expressing the solidarity of the people and the Government of Kosovo with the families who lost their loved ones, but also with all those affected by the disaster.