Acting Prime Minister Haradinaj hosts in a meeting the UK Ambassador to Kosovo Nicholas Abbott

Prishtina, 1 November 2019

Acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, hosted in a meeting the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Kosovo, Nicholas Abbott, whereon discussed the general developments in Kosovo and beyond.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Haradinaj briefed Ambassador Abbott on the overall progress of Kosovo, political and economic developments in the country, functioning and strengthening of democratic institutions, increasing of the welfare of citizens, deepening of reforms in the country and international consolidation of Kosovo and informed him of the October 6 election process, which, as Acting Prime Minister Haradinaj said, turned out to be fair and democratic, demonstrating a high degree of both political and civic maturity.

“The people and Government of Kosovo are grateful for the continued support that the United Kingdom has provided to Kosovo in building good relations in view of implementing many important projects and I am looking forward for the partnership between the two countries to continue in all areas of mutual interest”, said Acting Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, expressing sincere gratitude on behalf of the citizens of Kosovo for the UK’s commitment to push forward vital processes in consolidating the country’s statehood.

On this occasion, Acting Prime Minister Haradinaj expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Abbott for the continued support that United Kingdom has provided and continues to provide to Kosovo in all areas of development, and now in the state-building phase as well, and, at the same time, has requested further follow-up to the processes Kosovo is going through.

For his part, the UK ambassador to Kosovo, Nicholas Abbott, thanked acting Prime Minister Haradinaj for the reception, saying that the UK will continue to support Kosovo.