Prime Minister Hoti highlights good pandemic management and requires increased efficiency


Prishtina, October 14, 2020

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti, accompanied by the Minister of Health, Armend Zemaj, today held a meeting with the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Sanitary Inspectorate, the Municipal Inspectorate, the Health Inspectorate and the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, the General Director of the Kosovo Police, Rashit Qalaj, Director of the University Hospital and Clinical Service, Valbon Krasniqi, Director of the National Institute of Public Health, Naser Ramadani, President of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities, Sazan Ibrahimi, and Veterinary, Naser Krasniqi, where he discussed the general situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, in which case he called for increased engagement in the most efficient management of this epidemic.

After the meeting, Prime Minister Hoti held a joint conference, where he said that the good news is that Kosovo has been removed from the list of dangerous places to travel and to allow Kosovo citizens to travel. This has been done thanks to the extraordinary commitment of all central and local bodies, all doctors, police officers, inspectors, subordinates of institutions involved in pandemic management.

“I say with great satisfaction that all this experience that has been made in pandemic management is being taken as an example everywhere, to see how the situation can be improved”, added Prime Minister Hoti.

We are still below the level of 50 cases for every 100 thousand inhabitants which is the threshold when we enter that group of countries with low risk to travel and society and businesses function normally, therefore we must take care to maintain this situation which we have created.

Prime Minister Hoti highly praised the increase of testing capacities, saying that today he received information from the Institute that about 10 thousand students and teachers have been tested in schools throughout Kosovo, while the percentage of those who resulted positive is about 5 percent, which is quite high in reality.

“We made an assessment of the sources of infections and the increase of cases, what is causing this increase in cases over two weeks and the assessment is worrying. Cases are increasing from gastronomy and from institutions, and it is unacceptable and irresponsible that the subordinates of institutions do not take care of full maintenance of measures during the operation of the institution, therefore take appropriate action in case there are cases that occur of employees in institutions, namely to follow all the necessary protocols”, specified Prime Minister Hoti.

At the same time, Prime Minister Hoti, said that he has received with concern the information that there are many cases that are evidenced by the police and inspectorates in pharmacies where they serve without masks, or in bakeries and markets that serve without masks, as well as the persons who are responsible for the conduct of work serve without masks, or in institutions, the holders of institutions, the people who work there do not respect the measures and this is certainly intolerable.

“We can not allow due to the irresponsibility of an individual, a single person or a single institution, a certain business, to be forced to take austerity measures that cost us all without exception”, said Prime Minister Hoti.

Further, Prime Minister Hoti stressed that we have passed those austerity measures for 3-4 months and they have cost us a lot, everyone without exception, every family has felt the effect of those measures, where we had to spend citizens’ taxes of 270-280 million euros so far to compensate businesses and families, for the consequences that have had as a result of those austerity measures, so we must do everything not to go to situations where we have to take action.

“Therefore, today we have invited all the inspectorates and we agreed to make working groups from the Sanitary Inspectorate, Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, Market Inspectorates and Municipal Inspectorates, in two shifts, because as of today, 75 additional inspectors have started and with the support of the Kosovo Police will be in charge of monitoring the implementation of measures in every business, in every restaurant and in institutions, to ensure that these measures are being implemented”, added Prime Minister Hoti.

Prime Minister Hoti, furthermore said that schools have become an example for the real good, despite the fact that there is a number of infected about 5 percent of those tested in schools, but these measures are being maintained due to the increased commitment of the Ministry of Education, Municipal Directorates of Education and the Inspectorate of Education in schools, and we will do the same in institutions.

Prime Minister Hoti finally said that we must get used to it; to teach the citizens, institutions and businesses to live with this pandemic for a while, maybe even for a year or so, in order not to return to isolate society, because it will be unaffordable for the state budget, for businesses and for every family in Kosovo