Prime Minister Hoti hosted a farewell meeting with the Ambassador of Hungary, László Márkusz



Prishtina, June 29, 2020


The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti, received today in a farewell meeting the Ambassador of Hungary to Kosovo, László Márkusz.


Prime Minister Hoti thanked Ambassador Márkusz for his dedicated work in Kosovo, as well as for the permanent support that Hungary has given to our country.


During this meeting, Prime Minister Hoti informed the Ambassador of Hungary Márkusz about the priority of the Government of Kosovo and the steps that are being taken for the management of pandemic Covid 19 and for the recovery of the country’s economy.


Also, Prime Minister Hoti emphasized that Kosovo and Hungary have all the opportunities to intensify cooperation between the two countries, especially in the economic sector, infrastructure, education, etc.


Wishing Ambassador László Márkusz success in his future duties, Prime Minister Hoti said that Kosovo’s institutions and citizens, and he personally, highly appreciate Ambassador Márkusz’s work during his mandate in Kosovo..


While, Ambassador Márkusz, after thanking the Prime Minister Hoti for this farewell meeting and for the good cooperation with the Government of Kosovo, expressed the conviction that the relations between Hungary and Kosovo will be further deepened.


“For Hungary, Kosovo and the entire Western Balkans are not only geographically, but also historically and culturally part of Europe, so we appreciate that your common future is in the European Union,” said Ambassador Márkusz.