Prime Minister Hoti: Let us respect the measures – Life, Above All


Prishtina, 31 July 2020


The Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti, visited today the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo and the Infectious Diseases Clinic, to be closely informed about the situation in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Hoti said that he has come to meet the health staff who even on this holiday they are on duty, at the forefront of the task, which they cannot leave.

“I know they are tired, they have been facing this situation for six months now. ”I am here today to show our appreciation for the work they are doing, to hear their assessment of the situation we are going through, the forecasts for the coming weeks and months and the preparations we need to make “, said Prime Minister Hoti.

Prime Minister Hoti further said that the situation is serious, while thanking all citizens for respecting the measures even on this holiday.

“The appeal we have made as the Government together with all other institutions and actors involved in managing this situation, has given effect.  “I hope that this situation, when people fully respect the measures, will continue, because we must be aware that life is above all and that only in this way can we manage this situation”, said Prime Minister Hoti.

After thanking all the health staff for the work they are doing, Prime Minister Hoti congratulated them on the Eid holiday, saying that “although they are not close to their families, they are staying at their place of work to carry out a national mission to tackle this pandemic, endangering their lives and the lives of their families “, said Prime Minister Hoti.