Prime Minister Hoti: We will give full support to the gender equality agenda

Prishtina, October 14, 2020

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti, participated in the high-level consultative meeting on “Economic empowerment as a precondition for the prevention of domestic violence and gender-based violence”, organized by the Agency for Gender Equality within the Office of the Prime Minister in cooperation with the Kosovo Center for Gender Studies.
In his speech before the panelists and those present, Prime Minister Hoti said that he is in front of them today to guarantee everyone that during his governance they will try their best to give full support to the gender equality agenda.
“Within our office, within the Office of the Prime Minister, the issue for gender equality is strongly promoted and supported and we are giving all the necessary support to promote this agenda through the network of NGOs, through the network of institutions”, said Prime Minister Hoti.
Further, Prime Minister Hoti stressed that in the framework of the Economic Recovery Package, in addition to the support that all businesses receive, regardless of whether they are owned by women or men, to have a special package to support women in business and society in general , focusing on those women who have been affected by the pandemic.

“Also, in previous governments, but we will continue also now, the preparation of the annual state budget that takes into account the gender aspect in different ministries, when designing projects and when planning different expenditures, we will take into account the impact of those expenses, those projects for the promotion of gender equality “, added Prime Minister Hoti.

Prime Minister Hoti, moreover, said that this should not be just an agenda of well-organized roundtables and good speeches and presentations in the media, but practical daily work that we should do, since men and women in society are complementary, cannot work without each other.

“In societies that have more gender equality, economic growth is greater, because in the workplace, generally in the economy, men and women complement each other best,” concluded Prime Minister Hoti.

While appreciating the commitment of Prime Minister Hoti, the panelists emphasized the next support, respectively for the allocation of the fund for gender equality, and wished that such cooperation to be further deepened.