Prime Minister Hoti: We will work together on any project of interest to municipalities and the whole of Kosovo


Gjilan, 30 July 2020


The Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti, accompanied by the Minister of Infrastructure, Arban Abrashi and the Mayor of Gjilan, Lutfi Haziri, participated today in the start of works on the first part of the four-lane road Gjilan-Pristina.


Prime Minister Hoti said that he felt honored with the reception, words and commitment of Mayor Haziri, emphasizing that the start of works on this road axis will give breath to the city of Gjilan.


“This project, together with the rest on the other side of the city, part of a larger project by the EBRD, also in Ferizaj, Prizren and many other projects, started several years ago, when personally, together with Minister Abrashi and with others, we were in other capacities. “I am very honored to be here today to start this project and I am convinced that it will be completed in record time”, stressed Prime Minister Hoti.


Although in a difficult situation of pandemic management and knowing that the municipality of Gjilan is among the municipalities most affected by this pandemic situation, Prime Minister Hoti congratulated Mayor Haziri for the work he is doing, for the human commitment he has, not only institutional , to manage this situation.


“We will stand together to overcome this situation and at the same time we will try to advance the development agenda of the country, because for us these two are the main priorities, managing the pandemic, saving the lives of citizens and coming to the aid of businesses and economic development on the other hand “, said Prime Minister Hoti.


Emphasizing that this project, together with the wastewater that was approved by the Assembly of Kosovo, are important projects, Prime Minister Hoti said that they will work together with the mayor, in any project that is in the interest of this municipality and in fact all municipalities throughout Kosovo.


The Minister of Infrastructure, Arban Abrashi said that Gjilan is receiving the necessary attention from the Hoti Government, adding that they will come with other projects for the development of the municipality of Gjilan, because for decades there has been a lack of investment in this municipality.


The Mayor, Lutfi Haziri thanked the Prime Minister Hoti that, as he said, without any hesitation and delay together with the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Infrastructure have closed the process with the EBRD, started years ago. He said that the importance and name of the street “Madeleine Albright” in Gjilan is extraordinary, because it regulates the underground infrastructure, lighting, preserving the environmental impact, water and everything that is an urban problem in the main area of the city.

With a speech, the participants were greeted by Arian Blakaj, EBRD representative in Kosovo.