The Government of Kosovo issued the Decision for lifting the 100% tariff on the imports of raw materials from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prishtina, 20 March 2020

 The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, in its 14th corresponding meeting convened by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Albin Kurti, has decided to amend and supplement the Decision no. 01/76 dated 21st of November 2018, amended and supplemented by Decision No. 06/82 of 28th December 2018.

Under this Decision, the imports of raw materials from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are exempted from the measure set under Item 1 of the Decision of the Government with no. 01/76 dated 21 November 2018, amended by Decision No.06/082 of 28 December 2018.

Furthermore, according to this decision, the Ministry of Finance and Transfers, Kosovo Customs and other relevant institutions are obliged to implement the aforementioned decision in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The Government will revoke the Decision No. 01/76 of 21 November 2018 and Decision No. 06/82 of 28 December 2018 by 1st of April 2020 and consequently put in place the measure of full reciprocity with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina on all matters.

 Moreover, during this meeting the government has issued the decision for approving the Draft-Law on amending the Code No. 04/L-123 on Criminal Procedure, as amended and supplemented by the Law No. 06/L-091.

 The key issues addressed under this amendment-supplement of the Criminal Procedure Code are those of the time limits for trials in absentia considering that justice institutions have faced difficulties during the implementation of this provision. The Draft-Law is sent to the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo for adoption.