The Government approved the decision on monthly allowances for health personnel



(18th Government Meeting)

Prishtina, 29 July 2020

The Government of Kosovo held its 18th regular meeting, chaired by the Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti, whereby it adopted decisions and policies within its constitutional and legal responsibilities.

The Government Cabinet has approved in principle the initiative for signing a trilateral financial agreement between the Republic of Kosovo, the European Union and North Macedonia for the IPA II Cross-Border Cooperation programme between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of North Macedonia. The total amount envisaged in this programme for 2020 is EUR 1,270,589 (one million two hundred and seventy thousand five hundred and eighty-nine).

By the decision approved in today’s meeting, the excise tax rate on tobacco has been set according to the calendar, starting from EUR 48 per kilogram, which will be applied from 1 September of this year, whereas it will continue as follows: EUR 49 in 1 January 2021, EUR 51 in 1 January 2022, EUR 53 in 1 January 2023 and EUR 55 per kilogram in 1 January 2024

The decision for drafting the Economic Reform Program 2021-2023 has also been approved. This program will be prepared by the Government of Kosovo as part of the dialogue between the Republic of Kosovo and the European Union on economic governance. The Economic Reform Program is based on the macro-fiscal framework, structural reform priorities, the Government Program 2020-2023 and the National Development Strategy 2016-2021.

Upon discussion and review, the Government took a decision to approve monthly allowances for health personnel, for additional engagement in July and August 2020 and for direct exposure to the risk of infection at work while treating patients with COVID-19 virus. According to the decision, the health personnel, according to the predetermined criteria, will benefit an allowance of EUR 300.

The Government in today’s meeting also approved three preliminary expropriation decisions in the public interest of immovable properties:

–          Properties affected by the implementation of the project ‘’’Establishment of the Memorial Centre for the genocide against the Albanians ‘’Bllaca 1999’’’’;

–          Properties affected by the construction of the National Road Prishtina-Mitrovica, Segment Gojbulë – Smrekovnica; and

–          Properties affected by the implementation of projects of the Municipality of Drenas: “Location for the cemetery” in Zabel të Ulët, Animal Market in Çikatovë të Re, Expansion of the “Economic Zone in Drenas in Korroticë të Epërme, and Construction of the Wastewater and Industrial Plant of the Business Park – Drenas.

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo has approved the semi-annual Report on the Budget of the Republic of Kosovo for 2020. The report contains a summary and the main trends of budget revenues and expenditures for this period. The report also contains summary analysis for this period, reflects revenues by collection institutions at the central and local level, details of revenues by type of tax and comparisons with previous periods and budget projections.

According to the report, total revenues during the first half of 2020 were in the amount of EUR 986.67 million and represent a total of 42% of planned revenues, which are 8% lower than revenues of the same period of the previous year.

Expenditures for this first half of the year were in the amount of EUR 933.73 million, which represents 37% of the planned expenditures. Expenditures have increased compared to the same period last year by EUR 38.7 million. It should be noted that this period has been compared with the execution of emergency package measures of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo as well as expenditures related to the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report will be proceeded in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo in accordance with the Law on Public Financial Management and Accountability.

At today’s meeting, the Minister of Health informed the Government Cabinet on the implementation of Government decisions and measures to prevent and combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the detailed information of the Minister, the Prime Minister requested that the National Response Plan be activated and that better inter-institutional coordination be ensured in the implementation of measures to prevent and combat the COVID-19 pandemic.