The Government supports education in the Presevo Valley

31st Government Meeting

Prishtina, 21 September 2020


The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, headed by the Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti, held its regular meeting, in which it approved draft laws, regulations, decisions, concept documents and other documents from the areas of constitutional and legal responsibilities of the Government.

At the opening of the meeting, at the request of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Internal Affairs, informed the Government Cabinet about the action of the Kosovo Police against crime and illegal activity in Karaqeva and several other places in Kosovo. Minister Agim Veliu emphasized that the action was planned and prepared after gathering evidence and proofs for the development of illegal activities in these places. In this action, 37 people were arrested, many material evidence of illegal activity were confiscated and 12 objects were destroyed. Among those arrested, 12 are police officers. Minister Veliu expressed his determination to continue the fight against crime and any illegal activity in the Republic of Kosovo.

The decision to approve the Draft Law on amending and supplementing the Law on Freedom of Religion in Kosovo was approved today by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo. The amendments to the Law regulate the legal status of religious communities in the Republic of Kosovo. The law recognizes 5 religious communities in the Republic of Kosovo:

– Islamic Community of Kosovo;

– Serbian Orthodox Church;

– Catholic Church;

– Community of the Jewish Faith;

– Protestant Evangelical Church of Kosovo;

– Community of Kosovo Tarikats.

The two following regulations were approved at today’s meeting:

– Regulation on the procedure for the civil servants’ and public service employees’ performance appraisal. This regulation sets out the rules, criteria, methodology and procedures for appraising the performance of civil servants and public service employees.

– Regulation on the integration of repatriated persons, which determines the decision-making and coordinating bodies for the management of the reintegration process as well as the procedures and criteria for benefiting from the reintegration schemes.

The Government has approved the decision to amend and supplement the Government Decision No. 05/15 dated 22 July 2020, according to which Mr. Bekim Hoxha, Director General of the Civil Registration Agency, within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is appointed in place of Mr. Burim Rreci, Secretary General of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The decision for the Office of the State Coordinator for Dialogue with Serbia was also approved, which determines the salary of the State Coordinator for Dialogue with Serbia equivalent to the salary of the Deputy Minister. The decision also regulates the compensation for the temporary professional assistants of the State Coordinator for Dialogue with Serbia, by which they are compensated similarly to the position of the Prime Minister’s assistant. The Coordinator may hire temporary experts on specific topics, who are paid according to the legislation in force, including compensation and travel expenses based on Administrative Instruction 07/2004, and Decision of the Minister of Finance No. 30/2018, dated 19 June 2018 for the revised fees for travel abroad.

The Government Cabinet has approved the amendment and supplementation of the decision to establish the Inter-Ministerial Council on Waters, as a coordinating and decision-making body that reviews systemic issues of water management, harmonization of different needs and interests, and proposes measures for development, use and protection of resources and water system of Kosovo, which will have the following composition:

1.1.    Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo                                     Chairperson:

1.2.    Minister of Economy and Environment                                           member;

1.3.    Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development          member;

1.4.    Minister of Finance                                                                               member;

1.5.    Minister of Health                                                                                 member.

70 thousand € have been allocated by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo on behalf of assistance for the purchase of books and school materials for the needs of students in the Municipality of Bujanovac, the Municipality of Medveda and the Municipality of Presevo.

Whereas, with the other decision approved by the Government Cabinet, two hundred thousand, nine hundred and fifty-four (200,954) € have been allocated for the payment of the gross insurance premium invoice for August 2020, based on the cooperation agreement and the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo dated 14.09.2020.

With the proposal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the decision on one-time financial compensation for the delegates of the 1990 legislature was approved, who participated in the Meeting of 2 July 1990 and continued to participate in the meetings of the Assembly until 24 May 1992.

The Government has approved the following three concept documents:

– Concept Document on the field of precious metal works which recommends amendments to the Law on Precious Metal Works, in order to avoid difficulties and obstacles identified in the implementation of this Law.

– Concept Document on the field of sending the Kosovo Security Force abroad, which in accordance with the current status and the process of transformation of the KSF, suggests the adoption of legal regulations in this field.

– Concept Document on the census of population, households and dwellings in the Republic of Kosovo which recommends supplementing and amending the Law on Population and Housing Census in the Republic of Kosovo until the regular census next year.

The Government has approved the decision to approve the initiative for concluding an international agreement on financing and directing the implementation of the Heras + / Higher Education, Research and Applied Science project in Kosovo between the Ministry of Education and Science and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

The initiative for the conclusion of the Protocol for amendment and supplementation to the Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania for Mutual Cooperation in the Field of Security has been approved by the Government Cabinet.

Shpend Tërdevaj has been appointed Secretary General of the Kosovo Security Council within the Office of the Prime Minister. The term of office of the Secretary General is four years.

Deputy Prime Minister Albulena Balaj – Halimi has informed the Government Cabinet about the preparations that are being made for holding a joint meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania, which will be held on 25 September in Shkodra.