Interministerial water council (ex – Water Task Force)

The WTF is a committee of relevant Government Ministers chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Trade and Industry Mimoza Kusari – Lila, which will be responsible for improving the situation in the water sector through the development of sector policies and action plans based on good practices.

The WTF will provide the forum for collecting and evaluating the positive experiences in the water sector, but also the drawbacks in implementation, communication and cooperation. Furthermore, it will provide a platform for the development of policies for reforming the water sector considering different perspectives, from the one of the water users to the one of the water providers. The WTF will also develop and approve the policies required to ensure the sustainability of the reforms and the investments in the water sector.

The WTF shall be composed of seven permanent members (five of which are voting members):

-Deputy Prime Minister (Chairperson);
-The Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning;
-The Minister of Economic Development;
-The Minister of Local Governance;
-The Minister of Foreign Affairs (for transboundary issues);
-The two nominated representative of the donor community (non-voting) (one being a representative of the Swiss Cooperation Office, and the other a representative of an active water sector donors participating on rotational basis).
-Coordinator of the Water Task Force is …

The following Ministries will contribute when needed on different thematic issues related to water management: the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Trade and Industry, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, and the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The WTF will discuss, modify (if needed) and approve the policies and reforms which are recommended by the WTF Advisors:

– Baton Begolli, Water Policy Advisor
– Afrim Lajci, Water Services Advisor
– Range of short term local and international consultants.

All activities of the WTF Support Project will be realized in cooperation with the civil and political staff beside the beneficiary institutions and the staff of other relevant institutions (e.g. regional water companies, Water and Waste Regulatory Office, donors, municipalities, etc.). All the involved stakeholders will assume the responsibilities of implementing the policies adopted by the WTF.