Government Coordination Secretariat

1. Government Coordination Secretariat shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

1.1. Support the Prime Minister in order to ensure that all ministries act in compliance with the policies and decisions of the Government;

1.2. Coordinate work with ministries dealing with preparation and planning of the work of the Government and the implementation of its decisions;

1.3. Support the Prime Minister (in cooperation with the Chief of Cabinet and Prime Minister’s political advisors) through logistical support, including written and oral advice, briefings before meetings, summary statements providing appropriate and summarized information from the ministries or other sources;

1.4. Provide administrative and analytical support to Government and Government bodies meetings;

1.5. Reviews concept papers and decisions submitted together with explanatory memos to verify their compliance with Government policies and the quality of policy analysis as well as identification of issues that require efforts to resolve contradictions among ministries;

1.6. Ensures that all materials submitted to the Government for approval as well as materials sent to the Assembly are prepared in compliance with the Government Rules of Procedures;

1.7. Assist in the preparation of Government’s Annual Priorities’ Statement prior to its submission in the Government;

1.8. Coordinate work on the preparation of the Government Annual Work Plan and Report in cooperation with respective institutions;

1.9. Collects, on quarterly basis, data from ministries to monitor the implementation of the annual work plan;

1.10. Keep minutes of the Government meetings and prints a full transcript and archive them;

1.11. Liaise with the Ministry of Finance during the budget approval process;

1.12. Provide administrative support to the Senior Public Appointment Committee and the Performance Investigation Committee.

2. GCS shall perform other duties and responsibilities provided for by legislation in force and duties assigned by the Prime Minister and OPM General Secretary.

3. Government Secretariat shall operate through three (3) Divisions:

3.1. Division on the Organization of Government Meetings and Cooperation with the Assembly;

3.2. Division on Coordination of Policies and

3.3. Division on Support of Government Bodies.

4. Number of staff in the Government Coordination Secretariat shall be 12 (twelve) civil servants and shall comprise the following:

4.1. Director of GCS;

4.2. Head of Division on Coordination of Policies;

4.3. Head of Division on Support to Government Bodies;

4.4. Head of Division on the Organization of Government Meetings and Cooperation with the Assembly;

4.5. Coordinator for Economic Policies (Professional Level);

4.6. Four (4) Senior Officers on Coordination of Policies;

4.7. Senior Legislation Officer;

4.8. Stenography Officer;

4.9. Office Manage within GCS.