Office of Central Administration (OCA)

1. Office of Central Administration is responsible for the administrative area for the Office of the Prime Minister.

2. OCA is responsible to propose policies in the area of administration and implement policies dealing with administration of the OPM.

3. Office of Central Administration has the following duties and responsibilities:

3.1. Coordinate, manage and provide administrative services for all units and bodies within OPM;

3.2. Provide administrative services in the area of personnel, manage the staff of the OPM in compliance with the Law on Civil Service and other legislation in force dealing with human resources management;

3.3. Provide joint services for whole OPM staff;

3.4. Ensure maintenance of equipment and provide telecommunication and information technology services;

3.5. Ensure the provision of translation and proofreading services;

3.6. Ensure the functioning of logistics, transport, storages, office supplies, documentation and infrastructure of OPM.

4. Perform other duties and responsibilities provided for by legislation in force and duties assigned by the Prime Minister and OPM General Secretary;

5. Number of staff at the Office of Administration shall be 20 (twenty) civil servants, as follows:

5.1. Director of the Office; 5.2. Head of Human Resources;

5.3. Head of IT Division;

5.4. Head of Language Division;

5.5. Senior Personnel Officer;

5.6. Database Administrator;

5.7. System Administrator;

5.8. Network Administrator;

5.9. IT Support Specialist;

5.10. Two (2) Senior Translation Officers, Albanian – English;

5.11. Senior Translation Officer, Albanian – Serbian;

5.12. Senior Logistical Officer;

5.13. Head of Transport Unit;

5.14. Four (4) Transport Officers/Drivers;

5.15. Storage Officer/Admission;

5.16. Administrative Assistant.