Office of Community Affairs

1. Office of Community Affairs shall act within the Office of the Prime Minister under the leadership of the political advisor appointed by the Prime Minister, who shall be responsible to manage the office and execute its competencies.

2. Office of Community Affairs shall:

2.1. Provide advice to the Prime Minister on community related issues, including to:

2.1.1. Inform and provide advice on time and property to the Prime Minister on communities’ related issues;

2.1.2. Inform the Prime Minister on important issues of local, national, regional and international level;

2.1.3. Draw the attention of the Prime Minister on issues requiring his personal intervention.

2.2. Coordinate on all communities’ related issues, including:

2.2.1. Coordination with government bodies, independent agencies and institutions (local and central level);

2.2.2. Coordination with donors and international organizations in order to ensure that communities’ affairs are taken into consideration effectively throughout Kosovo; eliminate the repetition of efforts and ensure equality in allocation of funds and their effective use;

2.2.3. Monitor these bodies to ensure that they are implementing effectively the assigned duties and tasks and at the highest level, at designated locations.

2.3. Follow policies on issues dealing with communities, including:

2.3.1. Contribution to, analysis and provision of necessary advice o government policies affecting the rights and interests of communities; 2.3.2. Develop and monitor the implementation of government strategies dealing with communities;

2.3.3. Act as a central office for the coordination of policies and laws related to communities and raise the awareness of all community members in understanding their rights;

2.3.4. Monitor the implementation of laws and policies of communities and their impact at community level;

2.3.5. Provide advice and promote the implementation of laws and policies convenient for communities;

2.3.6. Recommend changes and/or regulate laws and policies related to communities in case they are not addressing community affairs effectively.

2.4. Address the practical needs of communities, through:

2.4.1. Strategic use of funds available in order to make a positive impact and make a change in the lives of people, with special emphasis on the most vulnerable ones;

2.4.2. Provide advice and assistance in resolving high-profile cases related to communities.

3. OCA shall:

3.1. Develop effective channels of communication with communities;

3.2. Consult with communities and civil society through outreach and regular meetings and shall hold a meaningful partnership through trust, understanding, exchange of experiences, consultation and effective mobilization of communities in order to feed and promote the prosperity of various communities of Kosovo; s;

3.3. Promote equal treatment of all communities and mobilize approaches for a more positive action within policy initiatives;

3.4. Maintain good relations and coordination with all stakeholders, in particular MRC, MLGA, CCC, KDIKK, OGG and Ombudsperson Institution;

3.5. Share and exchange regularly information with all stakeholders;

3.6. Work in partnership with a wider scope of entities in order to reach its objectives;

3.7. Serve as an example;

3.8. Function through the guiding principles of consultation, initiative, sincerity, transparency, responsibility, access, creativity and courage during policy-making.

4. Number of staff at the Office of Community Affairs shall be six (6) civil servants, as follows:

4.1.Two (2) Senior Policy Officers; 4.2.Senior Officer on Public Communication;

4.3. Two (2) Senior Officers on Coordination and Provision of Grants; and

4.4. Administrative Officer.

Tel: 038 201 14 032