Office of Public Communication (OPC)

1. Office of Public Communication, within OPM, shall exercise functions and responsibilities provided for by Regulation No. 03/2011 on the Government Public Communication Service (05.04.2011), as follows:

1.1. plan and coordinate Government communication through the coordination of communication plans with the annual work plan of the Ministries and prepare the schedule of future activities;

1.2. require information, on weekly basis, from the Ministries’ Offices of Public Communication with regards to policies and other activities within Ministries;

1.3. Ensure, through effective coordination, that communication officers through Government institutions are informed on Government statements and activities;

1.4. Ensure that Government Spokesperson and the Prime Minister are informed on the main Government issues and activities;

1.5. Inform the public on the work and decisions of the Government through the development of relations with the media and the organization of press conferences, issuance of media advisories and media interviews;

1.6. Plan the development of media and public campaigns involving various Ministries;

1.7. Prepare printed and electronic materials for publication and distribution informing the public on the activities of OPM and other Government activities;

1.8. Ensure the update, provision of access and credibility of information at the OPM official website and manage, via email address, public communication;

1.9. Provide exact media reports from Prime Minister’s meetings with high level delegations, inland and abroad;

1.10. Prepare and archive audio, video and photo materials from the activities of the Prime Minister and the Government in general;

1.11. Provide regular reports from local and international media for the Prime Minister, Government Spokesperson and the Ministries;

1.12. Prepare comprehensive report on the implementation of the Law on Access to Public Documents;

1.13. Prepare a plan of actions to be undertaken by institutions for the implementation of the Law on Access to Public Documents;

1.14. Perform all responsibilities as provided for by the Law on Access to Public Documents for respective units on communication with citizens;

1.15. Perform all responsibilities provided for by legislation in force;

1.16. Provide administrative and technical support to the Commission on the Management of the Fund of Support to Minority and Multi-ethnic Media and other special groups in Kosovo;

2. OPC shall perform other duties and responsibilities provided for by legislation in force and duties assigned by the Prime Minister and OPM General Secretary.

3. Number of staff at the Office of Public Communication shall be six (6) civil servants, as follows:

3.1. Director of the Office of Public Communication;

3.2. Coordinator of the Office of Public Communication;

3.3. Senior Officer on Communication with Media;

3.4. Senior Officer on Communication and Addressing of Requests for Access to Public Documents;

3.5. Officer on Media Communication and Accreditation;

3.6. Administrative Office Manager and Maintainer of OPM Website.