Office of the Regional Cooperation Council

Office of the Regional Cooperation Council (ORCC) shall act within the Office of the Prime Minister and shall be led by the political advisor appointed by the Prime Minister, who shall be responsible to manage the Office and execute its competencies and shall simultaneously serve as the National Coordinator on Regional Cooperation for South-Eastern European countries.

2. ORCC shall have the following responsibilities:

2.1. Represent the Republic of Kosovo as the National Coordinator on regional cooperation initiatives within the SEE countries;

2.2. Coordinate regional cooperation activities within the Regional Cooperation Council directly with the Secretariat in Sarajevo (hereinafter: RCC);

2.3. Coordinate regional cooperation activities with line ministries and other institutions;

2.4. Monitor activities and participation at regional initiatives within RCC;

2.5. Identify and analyze cases and reasons of representatives that do not take part within RCC;

2.6. Prepare quarterly and annual reports on the basis of the RCC work plan;

2.7. Prepare data related to regional cooperation for the European Commission Progress Report;

2.8. Prepare reports on the basis of priorities within the European Partnership Action Plan;

2.9. Prepare Kosovo’s stay at regional cooperation initiatives with other national institutions;

2.10. Participate at working groups, regional meetings, consultations with experts and other convenient activities in order to express Kosovo’s position in regional cooperation;

2.11. Provide all necessary information and prepare the database related to regional cooperation;

2.12. Assess the implementation of the regional cooperation strategy.

3. Duties and responsibilities of the RCC are, as follows:

3.1. Represent the Republic of Kosovo by the National Coordinator at the RCC Board Meetings (on the basis of the Statute);

3.2. Coordinate activities within RCC directly with the Secretariat in Sarajevo;

3.3. Coordinate activities with line ministries through contact points within line ministries;

3.4. Monitor regional cooperation activities in order to take part at regional initiatives under the RCC umbrella (coordinated and facilitated by RCC) and other specific cases;

3.5. Initiate procedure and ensure the implementation of decision on the annual contribution of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo to the RCC;

3.6. Report on quarterly and annual basis to the Government of the Republic of Kosovo;

3.7. Coordinate and prepare inputs to the European Commission Progress Report within respective ministries with regards to regional cooperation;

3.8. Coordinate the development of strategic documents drafted by other structures;

3.9. Ensure that strategic planning documents are in compliance with the Kosovo Government policies;

3.10. Assist in the establishment of a cross-ministerial system to ensure coordination in the policy development process;

3.11. Cooperate with the Office of Public Communication/OPM with regards to communication and information issues related to regional cooperation within RCC;

3.12. Perform any other action, as required by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister with regards to duties and responsibilities of the National Coordinator;

3.13. Perform other duties in compliance with policies and priorities defined by the Government of Kosovo.

4. Number of staff at the Office of the Regional Cooperation Council shall be three (3) civil servants, as follows:

4.1. Head of the Office of the Regional Cooperation Council; and

4.2. Two (2) Senior Liaison Officers with line Ministries.

Tel: 038 201 14 831