Secretary General

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To contribute in strengthening the new public administration in Kosovo, specifically to the Prime Minister’s Office through leadership and interpersonal skills, in the General Secretary position.
The Secretary General of the Office of the Prime Minister is the highest civil servant in the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and is the administrative head of the Office of the Prime Minister, who reports directly to the Prime Minister.



Post: Secretary General

Administers and manages in daily basis the following aspects:

  • Provides policy advice to the Prime Minister;
  • Ensures that it is policy decisions and other measures for the Voice of the Prime Minister and the Government to implement effectively and effectively;
  • Ensures that measures implemented by the Office of the Prime Minister are regularly monitored and that remedial action is taken in the event of obstacles;
  • Manages civil servants and more of the Office of the Prime Minister;
  • Manages funding and other resources of the Office of the Prime Minister;
  • Manages completion of information throughout the Ministry;
  • Cooperates with and coordinates with the Secretaries of other Ministries on a regular basis;
  • Coordinates the report of the Office of the Prime Minister with its subordinate administrative bodies;
  • Coordinates the work of the Office of the Prime Minister with the Assembly, the Presidency and other bodies for state administration
  • Advises and directs the Council of Permanent Secretaries through weekly service, administrative instructions and reports on the implementation of the Government Program,
  • Provides information to the Prime Minister and uses of his cabinet, according to the assistance,
  • Guides and Annual City Planning Service and Joy at Work Service Development
  • Offers recommendations to the Prime Minister and its cabinet members as required
  • Advices and leads the body of Permanent Secretaries of through weekly meetings, administrative orders, and reporting system for the implementation of Government Program and decisions,
  • Guides and leads the annual budget planning process and participates in various strategic exercises.


Post: Director of Coordination Secretariat of the Government (CSG)

  • Led the work of the CSG on all its aspects, including:
    •  Day-to-day staff management and supervision,
      coordination with other ministries on the implementation of the government decisions,
    •  identification of weekly issues of all central PISGs and their presentation on the agenda of weekly government meeting,
    • preparation and distribution of minutes of government meetings to all central PISGs,
      supervision of the follow-up process on sensitive issues as required from the Prime Minister and the Permanent Secretary with pertinent bodies,
    • Coordination of the work on legislative process by supervising the transfer of all draft laws from executive to legislative branch of the government.
  • Cooperated with Ministries and other offices to provide debriefings on significant issues as required from the Prime Minister and political advisors
  • Established the Donor Coordination Unit on Capacity Building and coordinated with the Permanent Secretary and during its absence the work of consultants and Strategic Committee on the “Kosovo Capacity Building Strategic Action Plan” document
  • Participated in the preparation of the CSG Annual Work Plan


Department of Political Sciences
Lecturer Professor

Lectures on the issues of foreign policies and diplomacy and comparative politics, with main focus on Middles East politics. Initially, worked as Assistant Lecturer.


– MASTER OF SCIENCE, International Relations (2 years Bsc Study) July 2003
Institute of Political Sciences, Uludag University, Turkey

-BACHELOR OF ARTS, Albanian Language and Literature June 1998
University of Tirana, Albania

-BA Management and Business Information July 2012
Business College, Prishtina


● “Special Program for Official of the Government Coordination Secretariat”, February 2006, United Kingdom, PAI International
● “Project Planning and Management”, May 2005, Italy, SSAI
● “Strategies for Revitalizing Public Administration in Central, Eastern, Southeastern Europe and CIS Countries”, June 2005, Greece, UNDESA
● “Organizational Behavior”, October 2005, Albania, ITAP
● “Project Management”, February 21-24, 2005, Prishtina, IKAP/KIPA
● “Strategic Planning”, May 30-31 2005, Prishtina, IKAP/KIPA
● “Effective Public Presentation Training” September 23, 2005, Prishtina
● “Human Resources Management Training” March 5, 2005, Prishtina, MDA
● “Managing Public Relations Training” May 12, 2005, Prishtina, MDA
● “On the Public Administration Reform and Management Skills” March – May 2003, Albania, ITAP
● MS Access 2000, March 2001, MS Word 2000, November 2000, MS Excel 2000, June 2000

Technical Skills

Languages: Albanian (native fluency), Turkish (fluent), English (good) Serbian (fair)

Computer: Microsoft Office XP


  • Member of the Commission for Senior Public Appointments Committee Mar. 2006
  • Leader of the WP for transferring competences/responsibilities from MPA to the MIO 2006
  • Chairman of the Steering Committee of the CBF/UNDP Nov. 2006
  • Representative and Coordinator of the Government within National Assembly Oct. 2007
  • Member of the Steering Committee for Strat. Dev. for Re-Integration & repatriation Oct. 2007
  • Member of the Inter ministerial Comm. for PAR and Functional Institutional Review Oct. 2008
  • Responsible for Establishing Commissions for Privatization of Public Enterprises Oct. 2008
  • Member of the Comm. for Senior Appointments and Discipline in the Kosovo Police May 2008
  •  Regular Member of the WG for Implementing the Strategy and Action Plan for PAR May 2008
  •  Member of the Steering Committee for European Integration, May 2008
  •  Member of the Commission for Grades and Discipline in the Diplomatic Service of the Republic of Kosovo Present