First meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo

Prishtina, 4 February 2020

Today was held the first ceremonial meeting of the Government Cabinet, led by the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Albin Kurti.

Prime Minister Kurti during his introductory remarks in the first meeting stated that this cabinet is of the people and will work on behalf and for the people. “The energy and enthusiasm of our citizens should be the driving engines of our work, and for that alone, we cannot rest until we reward them for their trust” stated Prime Minister Kurti.

Full speech of the Prime Minister Albin Kurti in the first meeting of the Government:

Greetings to all,

Welcome and its e pleasure to be here with one-another in the first meeting of our new Government.

It is a great pleasure to see your enthusiasm about the roles and duties that you personally, and all of us together, have assumed.

I would like to start by felicitating everyone about the positions and responsibilities that you will have in serving our citizens, without any distinction.

It must be stated at the very beginning that this Cabinet will be of the citizens, and we will work for them and on their behalf.

They have placed their trust on us, giving us the mandate, and expect us to follow through on our priorities and duties.

The energy and enthusiasm of our citizens should be the driving engines of our work, and for that alone, we cannot rest until we reward them for their trust.

The first 100 days will be busy days, full of commitment and dedication.

We have the chairs, but I am convinced that we will be standing for the most part, due to the numerous works that lie ahead of us.

Our governance program is just as ambitious as the citizens’ expectation.

I have no doubts that we have the skills, courage and abilities to deliver the results expected from us.

The eyes of all our people are already upon this governance cabinet, and consequently on each and every one of you.

It would be best that we all memorize the program that emerged from our joint agreement, because that is to what we will be waking up in the morning and sleeping to in the evening.

Let us all be simple and fair, just as our citizens are, who are all so good. The Minister of Agriculture should spent more time with the farmers than in his own office, whereas the Minister of Health should spent most of his time with doctors and patients. So, we should not be sitting around in our chairs and give orders from above, but rather stand down and be closer to the citizens, because that is where our truths lie, and where our policies are reflected.

Taking office may very well be a privilege, but it would be better if we understand that as a privilege to serve, and not to order.

You should strive to give the Minister’s office a meaning like it never had before in the after-war Kosovo.

Our chances of success are abundant, but we must work as a team.

Both successes and failures are collective, and not personal, and let alone party-based. The assembly is where we have our parliamentary groups – here we work as a team.

There will be no LVV, LDK, NDS or LS in this Government, but rather we will be the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, working together toward a common good. In this regard, my door will be open every day, at any hour and any minute.

There is nothing more important to me than fulfilling the government program and implementing the priorities of the citizens.

Our intentions are good and our desire for success great. It is now time to turn the energy gathered while in opposition into action when in governance.

You can find support in me and in one-another, and I stand convinced that you all have understood that this is a unique opportunity for each and every one of you to show your skills and abilities, your dedication and honesty.

Our meetings will be frequent and numerous, so that we can coordinate work and increase cooperation, because ministries are related to one-another and, consequently the work of each and every one of you is also connected to each other .

Let us not forget that our governance will be the mirror on which the citizens will see a reflection of themselves. That image should be one they will want to see again and again, and in perpetuity.

I would like to thank you for your participation in this first ceremonial and solemn meeting, and we will continue in another day with the meeting for our work program and plan.

Thank you very much!