Incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj attended Veteran’s Day celebration

Prishtina, 30 December 2019

“Dear fellow soldiers and veterans, never let anyone question your pride or your right, because no one is entitled to this. We were then in our right when we defended our country and our people and our freedom, we are today and we will be forever. And I wish that my life, the life of the soldier, would always be such that no one would have the opportunity to diminish the light of a soldier or to deny him the rights under the Law and Constitution in Kosovo”, stated today, incumbent Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, in celebration of Veteran’s Day.

In front of many present, incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj said that the Kosovo Liberation Army is proud and has a history which, he said, surely, stands out from the others.

In his remarks, incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj said that even Veteran’s Day is a day that makes us proud because it is about the invaders trying to measure their strength, to test themselves against the Albanians.

“In Drenica but also wherever Albanians lived, the invader could not put shame on the Albanian. The significance of 28 years ago is that on this very day people’s policies and judgments on how the fate of Kosovo will be closed have been defended. That day it was announced that March of ’98 would come. The Albanian soldier found it difficult because in the Balkans he was alone and surrounded by greedy neighbours who aimed to increase their possessing on Albanian goods, rights and land” stated incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj.

Speaking about the past, incumbent Prime Minister Haradinaj said that in our land, our homeland, others have grown their armies, have nourished them and supplied them with our crops to have strong armies and power to keep us occupied.

“But those who think that we are not strong and that we are evil, they do not know us and do not know who we are. Against all the developments that have happened to us today we have two states, Albania and Kosovo and we have the Albanian army in the Balkans, that of Kosovo, our army which is growing”, concluded his speech Prime Minister Haradinaj who congratulated all veterans for the 2020 New Year.

The Mayor of Skenderaj, Bekim Jashari and the head of the KLA OVL, Hysni Gucati took the floor as well.